Election Integrity works to promote:

  1. Election verification through polls, especially exit polling, statistical analysis and auditing
  2. Demystification of election processes through books, articles, presentations & education materials
  3. Democracy-building through organizing, communications and events

Election Verification

In November 2006, Election Integrity conducted the USA's first ever Election Verification Exit Poll in two Pennsylvania congressional districts. In May 2008, we conducted a second in the Kentucky Democratic primary to test and codify procedures. On November 4, 2008 we conducted a large scale exit poll for the general election.

EI and its partners -- The Velvet Revolution, Election Defense Alliance and The Warren Poll -- are committed to complete transparency in our exit polls, with all methods and data fully shared. We make data immediately available to interested observers and provide consultation to other groups that want to do their own vigilance. Exit polls are but one tool to use to verify election results. We aim to work with others to use telephone and internet polls, as well as other types of statistical analysis using registration data and vote change.

Demystification of Election Processes

Free speech, like free elections, is a cornerstone of the American compact. Yet little is said in the mass media to bring issues of election fraud to the fore. And when it comes to the fore anyway, much more is done to confuse than clarify. And even would-be reformers are thoroughly cowed, engaged in an almost tragic self-censorship. Anti-democrats blatantly lie without blinking, yet those who claim the mantel of election reform begin by almost tripping over themselves so as not to accuse anyone of actual fraud.

EI's position has been and will be to give truth a chance - to lay the facts on the table as openly as we can, to pull no punches in delivering the truth, to say what we can as strongly as we can, but no stronger -- in this book, in all our reports, presentations, our blog and everything else we write and say.


The notion that purportedly choosing one name or another every few years actually can yield self-govenerment is fairy tale. Power is neither voluntarily ceded, nor voluntarily granted; it must be fought for and won. Democracy is about the art to working together to achieve collective goals. Unfortunately, democracy in America is severely atrophied and will take some time to build. Grass roots verification exercises such as EI events and Citizen Exit Polls not only educate and protect, but are highly effective means of directly building democracy.

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