October 29, 2008: Interview on To The Point with Warren Olney, an excellent Public Radio show originating in Los Angeles

Barack Obama's fundraising is boggling the minds of political pros in both parties. He's on track to raise more money all by himself than the record of $700 million combined set by Bush and Kerry four years ago. We debate public financing today, update the early voting, and talk to a skeptic about the integrity of voting systems around the country (minutes 31-43). Also, oil prices heading back up, and comparing what human beings are doing to the Earth to the global economic recession.

Other Radio Interviews

Monday, October 23, 2006. Salt Lake City, Utah: RadioActive talk radio. Joint interview with Bruce Funk, the recorder in Emory County, Georgia, who was fired after conducting private testing on Diebold computers.

Saturday, October 21, 2006: WPEK Asheville, NC. Interview with Errington C. Thompson, Talk Show Host "Where's the Outrage?" and author of "A Letter to America" web site. (Podcast)

Thursday, October 19, 2006. Interview with Tony Castaneda. Radio WORT 89.9 Madison, WI. (Podcast)

Thursday, October 12, 2006. Interview with Tish Pearlman, Host/Producer "Out of Bounds" WEOS-FM (Geneva-Ithaca, NY)

General Presentation videos:

National Latino Congreso: Elections Can be Stolen, Have been Stolen and Will Continue to be Stolen October 3, 2007 (Los Angeles, CA)

National Media Reform Conference: Stolen Elections and the need for Media Reform January 7, 2007 (Memphis, TN)

Oct 13-15 Columbus Voting Rights Conference has been posted. ( Quicktime)

Videos from Ohio Election Protection Conference, Columbus Ohio September 26, 2008

Keynote Address: Mark Crispin Miller Keynote (second one from left)

Board of Elections Monitoring pre-election day (Bob Fitrakis and Steve Rosenfeld) Blip.TV: Fitrakis & Board of Election Monitoring Workshop

BECOMING AN ELECTION OBSERVER (Pete Johnson) Blip.TV: Election Observer information workshop

VIDEO THE VOTE WORKSHOP  (John Ennis) YouTube: Video the Vote workshop

CITIZENS' EXIT POLLS WORKSHOP (Prof. Steve Freeman) Blip.TV: Citizen Exit Poll workshop

Citizens' Exit Polling interview (Prof. Steve Freeman) YouTube: Steve Freeman interview

The 'Trinity' of Reform Mark Crispin Miller interview YouTube: Mark Crispin Miller interview

Harvey Wasserman on Poll Workers for Democracy YouTube: Harvey Wasserman interview

AFTER ROVE: Restoring U.S. Democracy (Cliff Arnebeck) YouTube: Cliff Arnebeck interview

TV (KPBS) 2004 Election Results Questioned • Radio: Debating Ron Thornburgh (HAVA) on Electronic Voting

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